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Must Have Free Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Must Have Free Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today I’m gonna show you my top picks for free flight sim scenery!

I use these all myself I can guarantee you they are good.

NZA Simulations NZNR Napier Airport

NZA Simulations first airport to my knowledge this saw the start to an amazing freeware scenery company.

NZA Simulations NZRO Rotorua Airport

Another amazing airport from the folks at NZA this airport has modeled terminal interiors!

NZA Simulations NZOU Oamaru Airport

As far as I know NZA made this because there was an issue with the default scenery. For the small airport it is its rather nice looking.

NZA Simulations YPKG Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport 

This airport is one of the biggest free airports from NZA and contains scenery for the nearby landmarks aswell!

NZA Simulations NZWS Westport Airport

Situated on the west coast of NZ this airport is another small airport great for getting those default GA aircraft out.

Aerosoft EDLP Paderborn Lippstadt Airport

One of the very first freeware airports for MSFS Paderborn is a very nice scenery with custom ground markings modeled terminal interiors and more.


A pack of airports featuring EPKU EPSJ EPKQ EPGO and EPNC. These are all very small airports so not a whole lot in terms of content but if you wanted some decent looking airports to fly around this is the pack to get.

mkvy EGKK Gatwick Airport Ultra Full Edition

Amazing scenery. The fact this is free is very impressive the terminal buildings look amazing and there’s even custom ground textures. There are a couple of buildings and models that could use some work but you probably wont notice them.


This one is not quite as good as the others it seems to be a converted FSX scenery. The textures are quite fuzzy but it works pretty nice and looks a ok.

Spoorobjecten EHEH Eindhoven Airport

Another great scenery still having stuff added to it the terminal building is fully custom and there are a few custom ground textures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list and go support these creators if you want to support NZA Simulations who made most of this scenery you can go buy their first two payware airports over on Some of the other creators have a tip button on their pages.

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