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How does Trogy.NZ work?

How does Trogy.NZ work?

So you may be wondering after the partial outage. How was this website still up? Well lets take a dive into my website and network structure.

Up in the clouds

When creating my site I wanted a setup that I could easily control and I wanted to be able to physically make a network. With that in mind I created a hybrid cloud setup. So I got the reliability benefit of the cloud while being able to fully control my development setup all the way to the bare metal server.

Google Cloud Platform

My choice for hosting was a simple one. Why go for big hosting providers like HostGator when you have the knowledge to set it up yourself. So I spun up a VM in the cloud. Specifically I chose google because if you configure things correctly it can be almost free!

Back in the home lab


Most of the vistors to this site wont even know about the home of my development and sharing services. I have currently a single server working on all this all from my very own garage!

The setup goes like this I have enough resources currently for 3 VMs
(don’t bother trying to load any of these they are internal DNS names only)

Each VM has 4GB of ram and more or less cores depending on whats needed for the VM. The main server
vms01 is the main server for all the web operations currently its the one server everything goes to and processes every script. I only did this because I dont have anything fast enough to work as a reverse proxy.
This one should be pretty self explanatory it hosts mysql for the front end server. This essentially locks away the database from the internet.
This is kind of a weird one. The sole purpose of this VM is to host PhantomBot a twitch chat bot that I use on my channel under the alias of TrogyBOT.

I will not be releasing any information about the actual network at this stage

Plans for the future

In terms of future plans the cloud infrastructure wont change, What will change is the private infrastructure. Plans on adding more servers and enabling services such as high availability and distributed file systems are in the plans. As for when these will happen? no idea.

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