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How To Make Simple Syrup

So many people go and buy this at a store but its super easy to make at home. Ingredients Sugar Water How to make Combine equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan and heat up but try not to boil. Once it hits a syrupy consistency cool a little and put into a sealed …

Cocktail – Raspberry Ice Cream

Ingredients 30ml Chambord 30ml Vodka Cream Soda Instructions Add Chambord and Vodka to ice filled hiball glass top with cream soda.

Cocktail – Black Raspberry Jelly Tip

Ingredients 2oz Dry Gin 1oz Chambord A Squeeze of Delmaine Jelliberry 2oz Cream or Oat Milk Instructions Add ingredients to shaker shake and double strain into a martini glass

Mocktail – Grenadine & Lime

Pretty much pomegranate soda with a twist of lime. Ingredients ~2oz Grenadine Lime Sparkling Water Ice Instructions Add ice, sparking water and grenadine to a glass and stir. Image to come.

Cocktail – Vodka & Lime

If you hate sparking water this one might not be your thing but for the people that do this is a refreshing summer drink! Ingredients 1.5oz Vodka 2.5oz Simple Syrup Lime Sparkling Water Lime Juice Ice Instructions In a shaker combine vodka, simple syrup and one ice cube, Shake untill the ice cube is dissolved. …

Mocktail – Grenadine Lemonade

A refreshing hit of pomegranate and citrus. Ingredients Dry Lemonade 1/2 Shot Grenadine Ice Instructions Add ice and lemonade in a highball glass and pour grenadine over the top. Image to come.

Cocktails – White Russian

The Standard Adult Milkshake. Ingredients 2oz Vodka 2oz Coffee Liqueur Optional – Simple Syrup Cream or Oat Milk Ice Instructions Add Ice vodka and coffee liqueur to a rocks glass.If using a less sweet coffee liqueur add simple syrup until its sweet enough for you.Using a bar spoon float cream or oat milk on top. …

Cocktail – Rum Old Fashioned

A classic cocktail made a little different. Ingredients 2oz Dark Rum 0.5oz Simple Syrup A few dashes of Angostura Aromatic Bitters Ice (Preferably a large piece) Instructions In a rocks glass combine the ingredients and stir.

Cocktail – Limoncello Lime and Bitters

Here is my easy take on the classic lemon lime and bitters. Ingredients 1 1/2 Shots Limoncello A few dashes lime juice (To taste) A few dashes Angostura Bitters (To taste) Sprite Ice (I only used one cube) Instructions Add everything to a rocks glass and stir. Image to come.

Cocktail – Chocolate Orange

If you like chocolate orange this is the cocktail for you! Ingredients 2oz Triple Sec 1oz Creme De Cacao 3oz Orange Juice Ice Instructions Combine ingredients in shaker with ice and shake.Fill a rocks glass with ice and strain the mixture in to the glass Image to come soon.